Union warns that traffic wardens will strike again

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MORE traffic warden strikes could be coming to Portsmouth.

That’s the warning from Richard White, convener for Unite.

Traffic wardens form a picket line outside the civic offices in Portsmouth

Traffic wardens form a picket line outside the civic offices in Portsmouth

He said union members from departments across the authority have been ‘knocking on my door’, wanting to participate in industrial action.

Traffic wardens yesterday went on strike for 24 hours to highlight their anger over job evaluations and not being paid over previous periods of industrial action.

Richard said: ‘Every time we have called action we have had pretty much full participation and that is in the face of some intimidation tactics by the council, so it demonstrates to the council the issue is not going away.

‘We’ve got members in other areas of the council who have been knocking on my door, wanting to participate.

‘The issue is not confined to parking. It is council-wide, so other unions as well have been in discussions.

‘This could escalate if it is not dealt with sooner rather than later.’

Ian Woodland, the union’s regional organiser, was also on the picket line.

He said members were on strike because of job evaluation, ‘overbearing’ management and poor facilities.

‘We have got a number of parking wardens out and the ball really is in the court of the employer in order to try and resolve this issue.’

Simon Moon, Portsmouth City Council’s head of transport and environment said: ‘We have had two discussions with Unite and felt there was agreed progress on three of their four issues, and we will continue to discuss their concerns over pay.

‘It’s important to clarify however that we do not set targets for parking tickets, as this would be illegal.

‘Over at least a three month period we look at the average number of tickets issued.

‘As usual business practice this is one of a number of measures to help look at staff performance.

‘We are committed in listening to concerns to help resolve this dispute.’