Unique charity on its way to reaching puppy target

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A NEW charity which trains dogs to help disabled service personnel is well on its way to its £100,000 target.

Pet toy company Kong has handed over 5,000 to Hounds for Heroes, set up by Allen Parton, from Clanfield, who found fame with his first assistance dog Endal.

Mr Parton founded the charity because he believes war veterans and police, ambulance and fire service personnel, injured in the line of duty, would reap great benefits from an assistance dog.

The donation brings the total of the Puppies on Parade appeal to 75,000.

'Once the full amount is raised, five puppies will be bought and trained. Fifty people have already asked to go on the waiting list.

Mr Parton said: 'Our appeal has reached two thirds of the way and the level of public support we are receiving has been absolutely humbling.

'There are over 900,000 injured and disabled servicemen and women in the UK today.

'The task ahead is quite daunting but everyone involved with Hounds for Heroes are dedicated and committed to making the charity the success it has to be.

'Kong's donation puts us another step closer to bringing our first five puppies on to parade and the start of their two years training to be fully qualified Hounds for Heroes along side their human partners.

'To celebrate the contribution Kong has asked that the first puppy be named Flanders.'