Unite slams pension plans for Portsmouth Remploy workers

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WORKERS’ union Unite has condemned pension plans for Remploy workers if their factory is taken over by a private firm.

The union claims the Department of Work and Pensions has decided any company taking over the business, of which 54 factories face the axe or being sold off, will not have to honour the Fair Deal pensions legislation.

The legislation ensures that a pension of similar value has to be provided.

In July, the government announced plans to close 27 factories across the UK by the end of the year.

Workers at Remploy’s Portsmouth factory in Rodney Road took part in two days of industrial action over plans to close factories last month.

Phil Davies, GMB national secretary, said; ‘We are now asking the Remploy workers to discuss the next stage in the campaign which could include demonstrations in London and other cities in September.

‘Clearly this pension atrocity will also apply to the other 18 sites, plus employment services and closed-circuit television monitoring.’