University of Portsmouth research helps businesses thinking of following Uber’s pricing model

Other companies could follow Uber's pricing model
Other companies could follow Uber's pricing model
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If you’ve ever used Uber on a busy Friday night or when it’s raining, you’ll know that Uber’s prices can go up when you most need a car.

Changing prices in real time, like Uber does when the demand for drivers goes up, is called dynamic pricing.

Other examples of dynamic pricing include purchasing Champions League tickets and hotel booking sites, where the price of a hotel room depends on its popularity at a particular time, as well as the availability of rooms in competing hotels.

A benefit of dynamic pricing is that the maximum revenue is generated at all times while goods and services that are short-lived, such as empty hotel rooms, are used up for profit rather than wasted. Look at the news though, and you’ll soon come across some of the potential downsides.

There are concerns about the fairness of the technique, with some consumers believing that companies are maximising their own benefits with little concern for customers, employees or independent contractors. Also, technological and infrastructure costs can still be high.

Recent research by the University of Portsmouth has looked at specific dynamic pricing models, such as online auctions, and has produced the following guidelines for businesses considering adopting dynamic pricing.

As the technology gets cheaper and easier to use, expect to see more small businesses changing prices dynamically. 

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