Unloved cats dumped at Ark animal shelter

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THIS trio of fur balls were abandoned by their owner at an RSPCA animal shelter.

The three Persian cats were dumped in a cardboard box and found by a member of staff going into work at the Stubbington Ark.

They had been left without even a note to give staff a clue about the felines and their backgrounds.

And even though the Ark, in Ranvilles Lane, Stubbington, is currently suffering from an overwhelming number of cats, they found room for their new charges.

Operations manager Steve Baxter said: 'One of the girls noticed a suspicious car hanging around when she arrived at about 8am, and then there was a space of about 15 minutes before the next girl came in, by which time this box had appeared on the doorstep.

'At least whoever it was left them here where they'll be kept safe and warm, but it doesn't really help us.'

Staff have yet to decide on names on the cats, but are toying with Christmas-themed ones.

When they arrived the male and two females were all very grubby and suffering from diarrhoea.

It is believed by staff that the cats were used for breeding and have now outlived their usefulness.

Although it is impossible to know exactly, the animals are thought to be about three or five years old.

Mr Baxter added: 'Without a history, we didn't know if the cats were on a special diet or needed medication, or anything like that.

'Luckily we had the vet in the day they arrived and she was able to give them a once over and run some tests straight away.

'A lot of the cats are unwanted for a genuine reason, but if whoever abandoned these cats could have just spoken to us, it would have made things so much easier.

'But it's not the first time this has happened, and sadly it won't be the last.

'It is something that often happens around Christmas time.

'Hopefully in a few weeks time they'll be very different cats and they'll be ready for rehoming.'

Although the number of cats at the Ark is down from a peak of nearly 150 a month ago, there are still 136 at the shelter.