Unofficial strikes causes cancellations of Brittany Ferries sailings

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WILDCAT strikes by French crew caused cancellations of several Brittany Ferries sailings.

The strikes began at 3pm yesterday as the Portmouth based firm’s all-French crew took industrial action over proposals to change shift patterns and take away some benefits.

Crossings to France and Spain were affected.

They included the 4.30pm to Caen and the 10.45pm to Caen yesterday.

Today it was the 8.30am from Caen to Portsmouth and the 2.45pm to Caen.

The Spanish crossing affected yesterday was the 3pm from Bilbao to Portsmouth, and today’s 4.30pm crossing to Bilbao.

The French unions CGT and CFDT were behind the strikes.

Chris Jones, from Brittany Ferries, said: ‘We have got some industrial action that’s affecting our Portsmouth to Caen services as well as our Portsmouth to Spain services.

‘It is also affecting Plymouth.

‘It is a wildcat strike by some of our crew.

‘We apologise to all our passengers who are affected and we are doing our very best to find alternatives.’

Addressing the reasons for the strike Mr Jones said: ‘The market in general on the Channel is very competitive and depressed at the moment and we are taking some measures to improve competitiveness.

‘We are looking at changing shift patterns and taking away certain bonuses.’

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