Unwanted food to be passed on to the poor

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FOOD that would otherwise be thrown away will be distributed to the poor under a new scheme.

Hampshire County Council is launching a £200,000 FareShare programme which will see supermarkets and food manufacturers giving unwanted food to charities for distribution.

Donations will come from supplier over-orders, food close to the end of its life or that has not passed quality control, yet is still safe for human consumption, and items where there are mistakes on the packaging such as spelling errors or incorrect weights given.

Executive lead member for children’s services Councillor Keith Mans said: ‘It seems such an obvious idea to put to good use food that would otherwise be wasted. It is also an environmentally-friendly solution, making a contribution towards reducing the amount of waste that needs disposing of.’

The funding will be used by anti-poverty charity Scratch to set up six distribution points across the county.