UPDATE: Collision on A27 between car and motorcycle

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A COLLISION between a car and a motorcycle has caused disruptions on the A27 this morning, Tuesday 9 August.

Police were called to the incident near at the junction near the roundabout in Oysell Gardens, Fareham, at 8.37am.

The car, believed to be a Kia, was on the roundabout when the motorcyclist approached the junction at speed.

John Mitchell, who called emergency services, said: ‘I was across the roundabout from where it happened.

‘He came onto the roundabout at a high speed and hit the car.

‘He flew up in the air and done a couple of flips before landing on a road sign, which ended up bending and moving.

‘The woman who was driving the car was pretty shook up. The man was screaming in pain at first and then lay there with his eyes shut shortly after.’

A spokesperson for Hampshire Police said: ‘Police were called to the scene at 8.37am this morning to reports of a collision between a car and a motorcycle at the junction of Oysell Gardens, close to the roundabout.

‘Ambulances have been called but there are no details of any injury at this stage.’