UPDATE: Council leader blames ‘careless drivers’ for M27 crashes

M27 traffic
M27 traffic
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A council leader has blamed ‘careless drivers’ for the high numbers of crashes on the M27, and that the route would be safer if more drivers took care on the road.

Councillor Sean Woodward, leader of Fareham Borough Council, said the stretch of road between junction 11 and 12 was ‘perfectly safe’ despite vehicles switching from three to four lanes.

It comes after another crash between cars and a lorry on the route this morning - the second accident in two days.

Cllr Woodward said: ‘I honestly do not feel that the M27 is in any shape or form dangerous.

‘People should drive with care and this would mean there would be less incidents.

‘It is rare when a issue is caused by a car fault. Most of the time it is about carelessness.’

The stretch between the two junctions was coverted from three to four lanes in 2008 by Highways England, who have said the aim was to reduce traffic congestion on the road.

How to drive safely on motorways

Readers have also been taking to social media to have their say on whether the stretch of road is safe enough for drivers.

Paul Anderson commented on our Facebook page: ‘Expecting people to filter in turn nicely will never happen.

‘People need to keep left unless overtaking. It’s because of the middle lane hoggers that the motorway grinds to a halt.’

And Sarah Langworthy commented: ‘There’s nothing wrong with the roads - I drive on the m27 every day during rush hour.

‘Most of the time it seems to be people not paying enough attention to everything going on around them. That’s what causes accidents.’

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