Urgent pothole repairs ‘before Christmas’

Potholes on the A27  between Chichester and Portsmouth
Potholes on the A27 between Chichester and Portsmouth
  • Urgent pothole repairs will go ahead
  • Up to £500,000 set aside for the work
  • Highways England says it could happened even sooner
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URGENT repair work on dangerous potholes will go ahead at Christmas, the government has confirmed.

Last week The News revealed that Highways England said £500,000 had been allocated to repair the worst potholes on the stretch of the A27 between Havant and Chichester – but then said the work had not been officially signed off.

But a spokesman has now confirmed that it will happen and could also be well before Christmas – which was the estimate given a few weeks ago.

The confirmation is a breakthrough for The News and the Chichester Observer’s Time To Fill campaign on one of the busiest roads in the south.

And it comes as Pete Walden, who worked on the area’s roads for many years, said the stretch going west between Emsworth and Chichester needs looking at urgently.

Mr Walden, 85, of Trosnant Road, Havant, said: ‘When I worked on the roads I had a little van and a large bucket and if we saw a pothole anywhere we would stop and patch it up straight away.

‘The potholes on the A27 should never have been allowed to get into the state they are now – they are dangerous.

‘From Emsworth to Chichester is the worst.

‘I’ve got a sturdy old Land Rover but you really feel it when you go over them, even in that.

‘As the winter draws in they need to sort it out or there will be a serious accident.’

The Time to Fill campaign was launched last month because of the complaints received from readers about the state of the road.

One driver lost control of his vehicle when he hit a pothole while his disabled wife and son where in the car.

And quiet villages are being used as rat runs to avoid the road.

The campaign is being backed by roads crusader Mark Morrell, who goes under the name Mr Pothole.

A spokesman for Highways England said: ‘We have confirmation it (the urgent works) will happen before Christmas but it could be much earlier than that.