Varsity Pro Wrestling at Portsmouth Guildhall

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Being able to attract former professional WWE stars tells you all you need to know about the status of Varsity Pro Wrestling (VPW).

But now the show has hit new heights in its pursuit of crossing the line from local wrestling show to becoming the epitome of sports entertainment on the south coast.

The introduction of pyrotechnics, plus backstage interviews show on the giant screen above the ring brings new excitement and allow you to feel more of a part of the performance.

The surprise return of Billy Gunn stirred the bumper crowd inside the Portsmouth Guildhall on Friday night and he used his trademark leg drop bulldog to defeat evil Rob Holte.

But the crowd had gathered to see the feud between the self proclaimed star of the show - the UK Kid - and local hero Jake ‘Mr Moonsault’ McCluskey as they squared off inside a giant steel cage.

The main event delivered, with a high intensity as both wrestlers pulled out their specialist moves - including a splash from Jake off of the top of the cage.

Jake stole the show at the death, narrowing climbing out the cage before the UK Kid, to whip the crowd into a frenzy at the end of another highly entertaining show.