Vegan group hold peaceful protest in Southsea

A PEACEFUL demonstration supporting veganism and raising awareness for animal cruelty in some productions of the meat and dairy industries was held yesterday.

Monday, 8th January 2018, 6:04 am
A group of Vegan supporters gathered in Palmerston Road to raise awareness of animal cruelty, rights and Veganism Picture: Keith Woodland (180107-0006)

Portsmouth and Southsea Vegan Outreach organised the event on Palmerston Road, in Southsea.

The group was supporting an international awareness campaign called the Cube of Truth.

For three hours, members stood in a square formation holding laptops and tablets showing videos of animals being mistreated on farms and other outlets where meat and diary products are made.

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Sam Whitehead and Naomi Mulligan-Ward organised the event.

Naomi said: ‘This is the third time we have organised the Cube of Truth and we get good responses from the public.

‘It is about showing what happens in the meat and diary industry and raising awareness of the vegan lifestyle.’

Sam said their protest is a peaceful one although some of their members wear masks. She said: ‘We wear the masks because it is about our message, not us as individuals.’

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