Vernon hits back in Farah row

Andy Vernon, left, with Mo Farah after the 10,000m final at the European Championships
Andy Vernon, left, with Mo Farah after the 10,000m final at the European Championships
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Andy Vernon has hit back at Mo Farah’s latest claims.

The Stubbington ace was caught up in a Twitter row with the distance running champion over the quality of fields earlier this week.

But that has escalated with Farah revealing a conversation that Vernon has since claimed has been misrepresented.

‘We were sitting down together and there were a number of staff and athletes there too,’ Farah told The Guardian.

‘One comment he made, which I didn’t really like, was to say that he should have won the gold.

‘I was like: “What, the gold should have been given to you?” And I was like: “Because he was the only European guy?”

‘You can’t say something like that. I was just kind of biting my tongue at the time.’

Vernon, however, insists he has been unfairly portrayed.

He said: ‘This is 100 per cent a misrepresentation of any words that were exchanged.

‘I’m not really sure why he has gone this low to almost lie about what was said.

‘It looks like it’s a clever PR stunt.

‘He might have been getting a bit of bad press so they have done this and now it’s “Andy is the bad guy. Let’s label him with something and let him deal with it.”

‘It gets all the negativity off of him and gets it on to me.

‘That is exactly what has happened.’

Vernon’s paints a rather more light-hearted account of the episode in question.

He said: ‘We were at dinner at the hotel.

‘It was all light-hearted, the whole team was in high spirits, laughing and joking and watching athletics while watching dinner.

‘It was a day or two after the 10k but as a joke, and 100-per-cent a joke, I said: “Oh, Mo I’m the European champion” and that was about it.

‘That was the extent of it.

‘Now he has come out and said that I’ve said he didn’t deserve to win his gold medal, he should have given it to me and that I don’t consider him British.

‘It is absolutely ridiculous,

‘I didnt say anything like that it is 100 per cent a misrepresentation – its fabrication.

‘It’s not very nice to be falsely labelled as something – it’s not me at all. That is not who I am.’