Vicar asks community to stop and say ‘hello’ to him

Holy Rood Church in Stubbington
Holy Rood Church in Stubbington
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Being part of a loving and supportive community is so important to me and my family.

That’s why we love living and being a part of Stubbington and Hill Head.

We moved here in June to start a new chapter in our lives and a new chapter in the life of the community here as I became the new Vicar of Holy Rood and St Edmund’s churches.

We came from Gillingham, in Kent, an urban area of high deprivation.

St Mark’s Church, where I was associate vicar, played an important role in supporting the community through a foodbank and debt counselling, as well as working with children, families, young people and international students.

Stubbington is very different from an economic point of view, but what the two areas share is a real sense of community.

One of the things that drew me to Crofton and inspired me to serve as their new vicar was the sense that the churches here are an important part of community life.

All of my experience, from before I was ordained, has been in churches that make a real difference in their communities.

There’s a verse in the Bible where Jesus reminds his followers not to hide the things that God has given – such as putting a cloth over a lamp – but put them to good use, let them shine out.

You can read more about that in Chapter 11 of the Book of Luke in the Bible.

I also love the diversity of services.

There are more traditional services at St Edmund’s and they are livelier at Holy Rood.

There really is something for everyone at Crofton Parish.

I’m really enjoying meeting and getting to know the people who live, work and visit this community.

If you see me out and about do stop me and say, ‘hello’. It’d be great to meet you.

Holy Rood Church is in Gosport Road, Stubbington.

St Edmund’s Church is in Lychgate Green, Stubbington.

Pop in to either of the churches to find out more about the church community.

Alternatively, email or go to