Video: Car ends up in moat near Hilsea Lido

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A car parked in front of Hilsea Lido has ended up in the moat near the outdoor swimming pool.

It is believed the silver Citroen was parked by the lido this morning before it rolled backwards into the moat, and has been left almost totally submerged with its rear door wide open.

The stricken car

The stricken car

Steve Fifield, a teaching assistant at Mary Rose Academy in Southsea, was at the moat later in the day tidying up after a kayak lesson.

Mr Fifield told The News he understood the car had rolled back, into the moat.

He said: ‘The caretaker told us it happened just before we arrived at 9.30am.

‘He said someone had forgotten to put their handbrake on and it rolled back.

‘We took a group of pupils out kayaking this afternoon.

‘They thought it was amusing to see a car in there.’