Video: Portsmouth woman tells how hit-and-run motorist drove away

Janet Boothby
Janet Boothby
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  • Woman’s car hit from behind when she stopped to give away at roundabout
  • Motorist drove off after a brief argument
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BEING hit by a car which failed to stop was just the start of a bad day for Janet Boothby.

The 65-year-old from Baffins was off to visit friends in Cosham when she stopped to give way at the Portsbridge roundabout.

I grabbed hold of his car to try to stop him.

Janet Boothby

A car then hit her from behind, denting the back of her Ford hatchback. What should have then been an orderly exchange of numbers turned into an ugly confrontation.

Mrs Boothby said she was shocked that the driver failed to stop, but even more shaken up by what followed.

She said: ‘I got out of the car. He got out although he obviously didn’t want to and said the damage was only a bump.

‘I said it wasn’t at all and I went back to my car to get something to write down his details.

‘Then I realised he was going to leave, so I grabbed hold of his car to try to stop him but he proceeded to drive off.

‘I kicked his car and hit on the window but he still didn’t stop.’

Mrs Boothby said the encounter left her feeling ‘very angry and very upset’.

‘He was annoyed and angry, but not as angry as I was when he drove off.

‘There were a lot of cars around me but nobody came to my help. I just couldn’t believe it. There was one car which drove up and said they got his registration number, but it turned out to be incorrect.’

Mrs Boothby said she suffered whiplash from the impact, but it was nothing major. She was more worried about the damage to her car, which, although did not look severe at first glance, has forced her off the road and made her cancel a holiday.

‘The next day I was getting ready to go on a trip to Cornwall and I found I couldn’t open the tailgate,’ she said. ‘I’ve managed to get it open but now I can’t close it properly and the insurance company has told me not to drive it.’

Mrs Boothby said she hoped somebody might be able to help. She said the man involved was in his 60s, of average height and was driving a blue saloon car.

She said: ‘He had facial hair but not a beard. It all happened so quickly so I don’t know the make of the car.’

Mrs Boothby asked anyone with information to call her on 07877 868371.