Video: Ride a Pyramids water flume!

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Here’s your chance to take an exhilarating virtual ride down a water flume at the Pyramids Centre - without even getting wet!

I recorded this video with a headcam today as I was given a look inside the newly-refurbished leisure centre at Southsea ahead of its reopening tomorrow.

Sam Poole trys out the chute''Picture: Paul Jacobs (142822-56)

Sam Poole trys out the chute''Picture: Paul Jacobs (142822-56)

It was always an opportunity to laugh, splash and create memories that will never leave me.

The Pyramids Centre had always been a core place to be throughout my childhood. Seeing it close for almost eight months was devastating.

Until this week, I was back in what I see as an adventure; the wave machine, the floating bouncy castle and most importantly the flume slides.

Whizzing down the flume was a nostalgic moment. It took me right back to the joyful times with family and friends.

With water rushing underneath you and that wait for the drop as you slide away, my adrenalin was undoubtedly high.

That instant when you dash from the slide into the pool never fails to be an exhilarating moment.