Video: Shop workers rush to aid teenage moped rider hurt in Portsmouth crash

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Shopworkers raced to the rescue of a teenage moped rider hurt in a crash in Portsmouth today.

London Road was shut in both directions after the 18-year-old woman was injured in the rush-hour accident.

Lee Saunders, 43, operations manager of Cash Generator, gave first aid to the casualty and covered her with his work fleece.

He said: ‘We were just having a cigarette break before opening up. We went outside and I saw the young woman on the road.

‘ My first response was to grab my first aid box and ask how she was.

‘She was conscious and lucid and had minor injuries to her leg.

‘She was in deep shock and was very upset. She said she wanted her mum to be called.’

Lee and a passing nurse helped to keep the woman calm. Lee used his own work fleece to keep her warm until emergency services arrived.

It took about seven minutes for an ambulance to arrive. Two police cars were also on the scene, helping to close London Road by the junction of Derby Road.

Lee added: ‘The scene was pretty chaotic. There are a lot of people around.’

His work colleague Anabel Taylor, 41, was one of those to help the driver of the car involved in the collision.

The woman, who was described as being in her twenties, had three young children in the car.

Anabel said: ‘I helped the children come out from the car.

‘We took them to the side of the street. The woman who owns a dance studio nearby and is CRB-checked offered to take them in and let them watch TV.’

She added: ‘The driver seemed really shocked by everything.

‘It was nice to see the whole community coming out to help though.’

The road was reopened at around 9.20am.