Video shows car crash after driver jumps Bedhampton crossing

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Footage of a motorist crashing their car in Bedhampton after jumping the lights at a level crossing has been released.

The CCTV images are being used to encourage drivers and pedestrians not to put their lives at risk by misusing the crossings.

Footage shows a car crashing at the level crossing in Bedhampton

Footage shows a car crashing at the level crossing in Bedhampton

One clip shows a car jumping the lights, and crashing into a brick wall after trying to dodge the falling railway barriers.

Others show a man running across a railway in London while pushing a child in a pushchair, and a motorist speeding through a crossing near Southampton.

It comes as Network Rail has closed its 750th crossing since 2010.

Sharon Vye-Parminter, safety director for the Network Rail and South West Trains Alliance, which runs the railway in Hampshire, said: ‘We are committed to improving safety on what is already a very safe railway and we are always looking at ways to make level crossings safer.

‘However, as these pictures show, there are still people out there who are prepared to put lives in danger.

‘Closing level crossings is one way that we can reduce to the risk to the railway, but we also need the help of the public.’