Video shows rescue of caretaker who fell into ditch at Portsmouth school.

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Video shows the delicate operation to rescue a schoolcaretaker from the bottom of an eight-feet deep ditch.

The 32-year-old man had been up a ladder when he fell into an 8ft ditch at Portsmouth High School, in Kent Road, Southsea, last night.

Fire crews from Southsea and Cosham were called at 8.46pm to assist South Central Ambulance Service in rescuing the man.

The painstaking operation was filmed by Jason Kay, of the UKNIP picture agency.

Southsea crew manager Scott Yules said: ‘On arrival we were greeted by paramedics dealing with a 32-year-old gentleman who had fallen into an eight to ten foot ditch.’

A total of 20 firefighters joined the operation which lasted for about 45 minutes.

Paramedics and fire crews used a combination of a scoop stretcher and rescue platform to free the trapped caretaker.

Mitch Revy, 22, lives opposite the school and saw the drama unfold.

Initially he feared that part of the school may have collapsed.

‘At first I didn’t think it was serious but then when I saw there were five fire engines I knew it must have been pretty bad,’ he said.

‘It looked like something had fallen down or collapsed.

‘We couldn’t see any fire. So we weren’t sure what had happened.

‘We just saw a lot of blue lights and just looked out the window.’

Speaking of the rescue operation, crew manager Yule added: ‘It was a safe and happy solution to it. The gentleman was in good spirit and was conscious.’

The caretaker suffered a concussion and was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital.