Volunteer doesn’t want people to stop supporting charity

ESSENTIAL A British Heart Foundation shop
ESSENTIAL A British Heart Foundation shop

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THE story reported about the British Heart Foundation store in Arundel Street not giving a collapsed man a coat has received a lot of negative comments for the charity.

I’m so disappointed by the comments left.

These people don’t work in shops, nor do they know what we would do.

All the comments are negative and not positive.

There were no comments about how much money we have raised for people with bad hearts.

We don’t want people to stop coming in and helping us.

No one has said well done for bringing out a pillow and a blanket.

None of the other shops in the street came out to help with anything.

I think they should be given some credit for what the staff did.

I would have done things differently.

I would have spoken to my manager and paid for the coat to give to the man.

But when you have to think quickly, you do what you can.

The shops get very busy, and sadly there are a lot of thefts.

If there’s not many staff in, then we have to look after the shop.

People sadly are always trying it on and waiting for us to be distracted.

We have had so many people come in and take things from us.

When I read people’s comments I was very angry – of course they’re entitled to their opinion, but the staff deserve some credit.

We would still like people to donate items to us, and to come to our charity stores.

I’m urging people to wear red on February 1, which is the start of National Heart Month.

It would be great to see lots of red.