Volunteering can boost students’ CVs

Will Cullen
Will Cullen
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Chloe Ellis, from Portsmouth Together, looks at one student’s experience of volunteering at the Mary Rose Museum

In your time as a student volunteering can be a great way to enhance the experience and boost your CV with the right opportunity.

Will Cullen has been a volunteer guide at the Mary Rose Museum for the past two years.

He first began volunteering while in college alongside his A-Level studies to broaden his own knowledge.

Will said: ‘As a 16-year-old, I was deeply interested in history and saw volunteering as a route to explore that passion further.

‘The Mary Rose Museum was fairly close to me and covered a period I wanted to know more about.

‘At the time that was the only thing that crossed my mind, I didn’t really think of how it would affect me in the future.’

As a volunteer guide Will spent a lot of time talking to the public sharing his passion for local history.

In doing this he was able to discuss the collection and answer any of the questions people may have.

Volunteering is often a good way to meet new people and share their knowledge and experiences.

It can also help young people to explore different career paths and become more focused on what they want to achieve.

Will said: ‘I think volunteering is a great opportunity for students and young adults in the lead-up to searching for a job.

‘It has helped me to gain real life skills and a different perspective about working environments.

‘It has also allowed me to gain insight into whether this is the right career for me.’

Since beginning at the museum as a volunteer, Will has been offered a job and is taking on more responsibilities as a front of house member with additional training in customer service and health and safety.

On top of this he works in the office one day a week on the online shop.

This opportunity has enabled him to look at the future and has encourage dhim to take up further studies.

Will is now about to 
begin studying an NVQ in museum studies in the hope of getting a managerial 
job in the museum in the future.

He said: ‘I would definitely encourage other young people to think about volunteering.

‘It is easy to get involved, just find an opportunity that interests you and reach out to them.’

If you would like become a volunteer visit volunteer.portsmouth.gov.uk to search for opportunities from over a 100 organisations.