Volunteers clear up rubbish from Gosport street

A COMMUNITY clean-up of the streets took place earlier this month.

Following complaints about restricted access to an alleyway in Cranborne Road, Gosport, Councillor June Cully organised a morning of community action.

Volunteers spent time tidying up the area and clearing away a variety of debris that had littered the streets.

As well as general rubbish, other items such as car parts, glass, building materials and garden waste were cleared.

Cllr Cully, a member of the town’s Labour party, said: ‘We removed a bathroom sink, front door, fire place, double mattress, garden waste, flower pots, car tyre, used needles, a shopping trolley, concrete, various bits of wood, cans and bottles.

‘I arranged with Streetscene for their contractor Urbaser to pick it up alongside twenty bags of rubbish.

‘I am very grateful to them all for their tremendous effort on one of the hottest days this year.

‘We all hope that this area will be kept clean in future.’