Volunteers get stuck in with Solent beach clean

Volunteers who helped with the beach clean
Volunteers who helped with the beach clean
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CAR tyres, concrete and plastic straws are just some of the items found by a group during a beach clean.

The Fareham Society and Surfers Against Sewage joined forces to clean up Meon Shore beach in Titchfield.

Brenda Clapperton, Secretary of Fareham Society was pleased with the 65 people who turned up.

She said: ‘It is so great that people young and old have come out on this lovely sunny day to make a difference to their local environment.’

The Fareham Society has so far completed over 30 beach cleans in the local area in a bid to keep the shores clean.

Brenda added: ‘We support the government’s bid to ban avoidable plastics by 2042 but we think there is a lot that the local community can do including cleaning up after themselves and taking rubbish home after a day at the beach.’

Meg Lampard from Fareham is a volunteer with Surfers Against Sewage and helped to organise the event.

She said: ‘This year we are really focused on getting rid of plastics from our local area and it is so important that everyone pitches in and effects changes by not using disposable coffee cups and plastic straws.’

Meg added: ‘Although we support the government’s ban we think 2042 will be too late to make a difference.’

Members from Bird Aware Solent were also there to educate the public about birds that can be seen in the area.