Volunteers give up their time to do a spring clean

The litter pick team in action
The litter pick team in action
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SCORES of generous people spent a day sprucing up their villages for spring.

In Denmead, Horndean and Waterlooville verges and roads were cleared of litter dropped by passers-by.

Under new legislation, litter pickers are no longer allowed to pick in areas where the speed limit is more than 40mph, due to health and safety concerns.

But it also means it is taking councils longer to get round to all the roads.

More than 50 people, including Denmead Scouts and Cubs groups, turned out in Denmead on Sunday to ensure it was spick and span.

Organiser Liz Williams, of Denmead in Bloom, said ‘It was probably our best turnout so far and 50 sacks of rubbish were collected from the roads and hedgerows of the village centre, where all the litter picked was within the 30mph limit.’

Over in Horndean, more than 100 wine bottles, plus more beer bottles, soft drinks cans, shoes, a chair and metal shelving as well as packets, plastic bags, cartons and paper were found strewn on the roads surrounding the Morrison’s roundabout and the slip road off the A3M at Chalton.

Ann Chawner, 67, of Harkness Drive, Cowplain, single-handedly cleared 
the woods behind her house before encouraging others in Horndean to get involved.

She said: ‘I saw a lot of people complaining about the litter in an online forum and I suggested they do something about it.

‘In all there were 16 of us – mostly pensioners – and we really achieved something. We hope from now on other people will follow our example and take action.

‘There will hopefully be more disapproval of littering, it will be less socially acceptable.’

She added: ‘I have found everything from dumped household and building materials, hundreds of charity bags that were never delivered, and ordinary litter of dog bags, empty food packets and boxes to estate agents’ boards.’

The Horndean and Clanfield group will be meeting once a month and targeting different parts of the area on each occasion.