Volunteers needed to talk about city falcons

PRIZED A peregrine falcon at Chichester Cathedral
PRIZED A peregrine falcon at Chichester Cathedral

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The RSPB is calling for volunteers from West Sussex and Hampshire to help show members of the public the peregrine falcons at Chichester Cathedral.

The charity’s Date with Nature project has grown in success each year, delighting visitors who come to watch the birds of prey as they raise their young.

This year, the RSPB will be based at the cathedral from April 13 through to July.

As well as pointing out the birds as they perch on the corners of the spire and fly in and out overhead, visitors will be shown live footage direct from the peregrines’ nest.

This will be the 12th consecutive year the birds have bred on the building and RSPB staff and volunteers will be on hand to tell people stories about the history and their lives.

Molly Dailide, of RSPB South East, said: ‘Volunteering at RSPB events is a great way to get involved with our conservation work. You don’t need to be an expert – just passionate about wildlife and good with people.’

The conservation charity is looking for people of all ages and backgrounds to help with the project this year.

Training will be provided, so no previous experience is necessary.

To volunteer call Molly on 07713 392175 or email molly.dailide@rspb.org.uk before March 11.