Volunteers pick up 100 bags of litter in Leigh Park

CLEAN UP Volunteers took time out of their days to remove litter from outdoor areas in Leigh Park
CLEAN UP Volunteers took time out of their days to remove litter from outdoor areas in Leigh Park
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A summer clean-up campaign in Leigh Park resulted in more than 100 bags of litter being collected.

A team of volunteers went around their local outdoor area for a week to pick up rubbish.

Members of Sharps Copse Primary School, Park Community School, St Francis Church, Riders Cubs and Beavers and other groups in the community got involved as 240 volunteers teamed up to make a difference in the area.

In response to being asked about issues which affect them, Leigh Park residents said one of their biggest worries was litter, fly-tipped waste and dog mess. The team were glad that their work had such a significant impact on the area and the people living there.

Havant Borough Council and Groundwork South were among the organisations to support the event.

Kevin Dewitt, community project officer at Groundwork South, said: ‘As well as clearing up litter, the week was an opportunity to educate children and young people about the issues of litter, why it’s a problem and what we can do about it, as well as to teach them while they are young to respect their local area.’

The aim of the week was to clear the open spaces of litter and waste ready for the summer holidays.

To maintain the feeling of accomplishment the week brought, organisations are being asked to select an area which is important to them and keep it clean throughout the year by continuing to pick up litter and keeping an eye out for illegal waste.

The same project was carried out last year when over 160 volunteers collected 82 bags of litter – so this year’s event was more successful in getting people to take part and in the amount of rubbish collected.

Mr Dewitt added: ‘The week was a great success with so many people getting involved. I like to think we showed that if people want to improve their area they can and there are organisations out there to help them.’

To find out more go to havant.gov.uk.