Volunteers play Santa with hamper giveway

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Christmas hampers are being delivered to homes across Gosport to support families struggling during the festive period.

The hampers are organised by Jacob's Well Bread of Life – a church group that deliver bread out to the community all year round.

Over Christmas, meat, biscuits, nuts, Christmas pudding, cranberry sauce, mince pies and more are being delivered to sheltered accommodation and to families struggling on benefits in the Rowner and Bridgemary areas of Gosport.

Flavia Trewin, who has given up work to devote her time to the project, said: 'It goes to families who would benefit very much at Christmas time.

'A lot of the people I have known for a great number of years because I lived in Rowner.

'I have known the families for a very long time.

'Everybody gets a really good quality hamper. I believe it's important because they are in need.

'But it's not just about food, it's about the relationship with families and showing them that we do care about them at Christmas.

'We just want people to know that there are people out there who are thinking of them.

'We want to feel that we have made Christmas a lot more special for them than it would have been.'

This year the number of hampers has increased by a third, with 66 being delivered compared to 44 last year.

And Flavia said the response has been phenomenal.

'We knock the door and chat to them and they are absolutely thrilled,' she said.

'Some of them cry. Sometimes they don't know it is coming.

'When we knock the door and we explain what we are there for, they are absolutely dumbfounded.

'The majority of families are all on benefits so they are definitely in need.

'With the state of play and the economy in the country at the moment, they are finding it a little more difficult.

'It's about forming a bridge with them. Some of them feel that there isn't anybody that cares – but there is.'

Last weekend, 26 people turned up at Jacobs Well Church in Gosport for a Christmas supper and carol service.