Volunteers praised for Southsea beach clean up

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Volunteers gave up their time to help clean up Southsea beach.

Portsmouth city councillor Luke Stubbs was joined by 46 volunteers from the Marine Conservation Society to pick up litter along the city’s seafront.

The charity’s Beachwatch project aims to identify the main sources of litter and keep the issue of the dangers of marine litter high on the council’s agenda.

Members of the MCS recorded each piece of litter they collected to discover what was the most frequent piece of waste found on the 300m stretch of beach between The Pyramids and South Parade Pier.

The survey recorded a total of 2,976 items, with the most common items being plastic fragments, plastic bottle lids, plastic wrappers and wood fragments.

Cllr Stubbs said: ‘Beach litter is unsightly and can be a danger to both humans and wildlife.

‘It’s vital for us as a council the amount of waste on our beaches kept under control.’