Warning is issued as water table rises

Police are investigating the incident

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FLOOD prevention measures are being advised near Rowlands Castle as groundwater levels continue to rise.

People are being advised to clear cellars and order sand bags as the water table has risen significantly following periods of heavy rain.

At Finchdean groundwater stands at 3.1m (10ft) beneath surface level.

Steve Protheroe, Flood Action Group chairman for the area, said: ‘The Flood Action Group will be triggered into action when the water table rises to just 1m down, which could be any day soon, and probably now before Christmas.

‘Those householders who live in Finchdean, and have cellars have been recommended to clear them as soon as possible. Any properties that lie in the path of, or near to the Lavants in Rowlands Castle need to consider taking similar action now. If you need to get sandbags to protect your property, then order them now is the advice given.’

Main areas for concern are parts of Finchdean Road, Woodberry Lane, and Glendale, as well as Comley Hill.