Warning on how to stop fires from spreading

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FIREFIGHTERS are reminding people to close doors as they leave a burning property to reduce flame and smoke damage.

The message comes after firefighters from Cosham fire station were sent to an oven fire in Copnor Road, Copnor.

Two fire engines were sent out yesterday at 3.30pm.

Crews arrived to find the blaze had been started in the kitchen after burgers under a grill had been left unattended.

The occupant had called the fire service, but then left the building without closing doors behind her.

Watch manager Steve Pearce said: ‘By the time we arrived the burgers had burnt themselves out.

‘The resident had run out without closing doors and we would always advise people not to do this.

‘Leaving doors open means fire or smoke can travel into more rooms causing damage.

‘We would also advise people to not leave cooking unattended.’

Crews used a fan to take away smoke.

No one was injured.