Warning on sun dazzle is issued by police

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POLICE have warned of the danger low sun poses to drivers at this time of year.

Sgt Rob Heard said ‘vision affected by dazzling sun’ was a factor in five fatal road collision in Hampshire over the past three years alone.

Sgt Heard said: ‘The first thing to be aware of is the increased chance of dazzle when the sun is out.

‘You may be aware of the sun coming from a certain direction and as such you may be able to predict it dazzling you as the road direction changes.

‘If a certain section of road is always difficult with increased glare then consider taking an alternative route.

‘If the sun is low in the sky then make sure you leave extra distance between you and the vehicle in front.

‘Drive at a sensible speed for the conditions and visibility allows.’

Other tips include making sure windscreens are clean and clear inside and out, using sunglasses and sun visors installed in cars.

Research shows most accidents due to sun glare happen between 7am and 9am.