Warning over danger drivers on rural road

George Holingbery
George Holingbery
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DRIVERS are pulling risky stunts on rural roundabouts.

Now the MP for Meon Valley is talking to residents, the police and the county council about the dangerous drivers in Southwick.

George Hollingbery is concerned about drivers using the B2177 at Southwick for a craze known as drifting.

There have been several incidents where drivers skid around roundabouts at high speed, damaging road signs, the road surface and verges as they lose control of the vehicle.

Residents have become concerned about the noise and potential danger to other people.

Mr Hollingbery said: ‘I am deeply concerned by the situation that has been described by the parish council and others. There is no doubt that this sort of behaviour is extremely dangerous.

‘It is also illegal and it needs to tackled before someone is hurt.

‘It’s great that the authorities have responded so quickly to the issue.

‘We must all thank the police for their hard work thus far and I am in touch with those involved regularly and I hope that this problem can be sorted out and ended without delay.’