Warning to put out fires after camping

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THE fire service is warning campers to ensure they put out bonfires after they have lit them.

The advice comes after firefighters were called to a blaze in Havant Thicket, which was caused by a bonfire.

One engine from Cosham fire station and a Land Rover from Havant fire station went to the fire just after 11am yesterday.

Six firefighters were at the site for more than two hours, while they tackled the flames and secured the site.

No one was injured.

Watch manager Kevin Lloyd-Spencer, of Cosham red watch, said: ‘We arrived at the scene to find there had been a deep-seated fire.

‘It had spread to surrounding trees.

‘The bonfire had been started by campers, who had left, but not extinguished the flames.

‘We would ask everyone to be vigilant, especially because of the recent dry weather we have been having.

‘When you have weather like this fires can spread much quicker and can cause problems.’