Warnings as man dies after ‘land surfing’ crash

ACCIDENT SCENE The car park at the D-Day Museum where the crash happened. Picture: Malcolm Wells (122135-8545)
ACCIDENT SCENE The car park at the D-Day Museum where the crash happened. Picture: Malcolm Wells (122135-8545)
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A 26-YEAR-OLD man has died after crashing into a post while strapped to a board in a craze known as ‘land surfing’.

The man was skating with his feet secured to a board with two friends when the accident happened.

He suffered serious and life-threatening head injuries after hitting a post in the car park at Southsea’s D-Day Museum in Clarence Esplanade.

He had not been wearing a helmet.

The Lithuanian man, who had been living in Oliver Road, Southsea, was taken by air ambulance to the neurological unit at Southampton General Hospital following the accident, which happened shortly after 6pm on Sunday.

He died last night with his friends and family at his side.

He has not yet been named by Hampshire police.

Now calls are being made for people taking part in the sport to wear proper safety equipment.

David Evans is the seafront manager for Portsmouth City Council.

He said: ‘The thing about longboards is they tend to have straps on.

‘People will take risks, but they should find a place to do it safely and wear the proper equipment.

‘Even in the skate park they must wear helmets and knee and elbow pads.

‘It’s like climbing rocks without ropes on.

‘His parents must be devastated.’

Mr Evans said land surfing was not allowed on the museum’s private car park area.

‘Land surfing is relatively new and there are no by-laws against that particular activity,’ he said.

‘It’s not the highway, it’s private land so it wouldn’t be permitted.

‘We would ask our community wardens to talk to people they see doing it, not least because they can get injured and bystanders can be injured.

‘Any activity of this type is dangerous and users can be involved in a serious accident as has sadly happened in this case.’

David Walker, leisure safety manager for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: ‘We would recommend that those participating in skateboarding and land surfing take the opportunity to learn from those more experienced, and approach it in a similar way as they would to other adventurous activities.

‘Joining a club and practising runs within their limits, while still learning the basics, are the key ways to avoid injury and improve quickly.

‘Finding an appropriate location to take part and choosing the right safety kit, including a helmet and wrist guards – particularly if you are beginner – is also advised.’