WATCH: Fareham mum and daughter bag £25,000 each in surprise lottery win

A mother and daughter have struck gold after beating the odds to both win £25,000 each in the People's Postcode Lottery.

Tuesday, 26th July 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:58 pm
Katrina Walcroft, 22, and her mum Sharon, 53, celebrate their winnings

Sharon Walcroft, 53 and daughter Katrina, 22, of Hewett Close, Titchfield signed up last month to give more to charity but were left stunned after they both were revealed as winners in Saturday’s Street Prize.

Katrina could not hold her emotions back when People’s Postcode Lottery Ambassador Jeff Brazier turned up at her door on Saturday morning.

She said: ‘When Jeff pulled out my cheque and revealed how much I’d won - it was an amazing surprise.

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‘It was made much more special when I found out my mum had won the exact same amount.

‘To be honest I burst into tears as well but Jeff was on hand to give me a hug.’

Katrina says the money will allow her to finally afford a mortgage as she’ll use the money for a deposit on a new home.

She added: ‘It would have taken a long time to save up otherwise. I’ve started looking at houses already.’

Sharon said: ‘It was a shock when Jeff revealed I had won.

‘I’ve only been playing for a month, I never expected it.’

Sharon plans to spend the cash on a holiday to Cuba with her husband as well as paying off some of her mortgage and fitting in a new bathroom as well.

Katrina also explained her reasons for signing up.

‘I signed up after I heard from my auntie that she had won £50 and a few £10 prizes playing it and because 30 per cent goes directly to charity.

‘I thought I should play because I love charities. I told my mum about it and she signed up a few days later but my dad decided he would wait.

‘He’s kicking himself now and he signed up the day we won!’

The couple weren’t the only winners from the PO14 4JQ postcode who won with Kate Cameron, 55 and David Purkiss, 71 also bagging £50,000 between them.

Jeff Brazier added: ‘What a heart-warming story. I cannot believe they’ve only been playing for a month and now are each £25,000 richer as a result.’

As part of this weekend’s lottery independent charity Relate Portsmouth & District received £2000 in funds.

The funds will go to transforming their family therapy rooms.