Watch: Helmet cam shows cyclist crashing in Portsmouth after clash with motorist

  • Cyclist fell off bike after swearing at motorist
  • He claims aggression is needed if you want to ride a bike in Portsmouth
  • Accident will appear on TV tomorrow
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‘AGGRESSIVE’ cycling is needed to stay safe on Portsmouth’s roads, says a man who crashed his bike seconds after swearing at a motorist.

Mark Algar, from Portsmouth, said cyclists can get ‘run over’ if they aren’t aggressive towards drivers.

Footage from Mark Algar's helmet cam, shortly before the incident

Footage from Mark Algar's helmet cam, shortly before the incident

He said: ‘You do have to be aggressive, stand your ground, otherwise you just get run over.

‘That’s the nature of riding a bike in Portsmouth. You have to be an aggressive cyclist.’

The incident was recorded on his helmet-camera and will be part of a television show, Car Crash Britain: Caught on Camera, on ITV tomorrow at 9pm.

A driver tooted at Mr Algar for swerving in front of his car when he was overtaking another cyclist on the A3 London Road, between Purbrock and Waterlooville.

You have to be an aggressive cyclist

Mark Algar

Mr Algar turned his head, swore at the driver and made the V-sign with his fingers.

He said his mistake was taking too long to make sure the V-sign could be seen on his helmet cam when he turned around.

He failed to notice that he’d drifted off course, ran off the road and ended up on the floor.

He showed the video to his friends and said they laughed hysterically at his crash.

Portsmouth Cycle Forum chairman John Spencer said Mr Algar had the wrong attitude.

Mr Spencer said: ‘It’s not necessary or helpful for anyone to go around with the feeling that they need to be aggressive.

‘Confrontations are pretty rare, but if people are aggressive that’s when problems start.

‘You have to be assertive sometimes and cycle in a part of the road where it’s clear motorists can see you.

‘People just have to be patient and expect to share the road.’

Portsmouth City Council’s cabinet member for traffic and transportation, Councillor Ken Ellcombe, also disagreed with Mr Algar. He said: ‘I don’t think you need to be aggressive, but you do need to be confident.’