WATCH: Huge waves crash against moving car at Stokes Bay Road

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THIS is the moment a series of waves battered a moving car along the Gosport coastline.

Dana Squibb was heading home after a breakfast date with her husband Ronnie when their car was hit by large, crashing waves along Stokes Bay Road.

Speaking about the moment – which came as Storm Brian sweeps across the south, bringing high tides, flood warnings and gales of 70mph – Mrs Squibb, 35 from Gosport, said: ‘We had gone for breakfast at Bayside Cafe and decided we would go and park up in one of the car parks on Stokes Bay Road. There were lots of people down there taking photographs.

‘As we were heading home back along Stokes Bay Road my husband had to drive that bit slower as the car was being taken by the wind. All the other cars had the same idea.

‘All of a sudden the waves came crashing over into the car, we didn’t expect the water to hit us that hard, it was quite scary. My husband slowed the car right down to almost a standstill until the waves subsided again.’

Advising those contemplating going for a stroll along the Stokes Bay promenade, she added: ‘I’m quite surprised the road wasn’t closed. It’s very dangerous down there and there was a lot of people getting out of their cars and taking photographs. One wave too high and they would have been swept away.

‘I’ve already warned my teenage daughter who is just about to go out to not go anywhere near the sea front because it’s so bad.’