WATCH: Kitchen fire rips through Gosport house

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FIREFIGHTERS have been battling a house fire in Gosport this afternoon.

Crews from Gosport, Fareham, Wickham and Cosham were called to Gazelle Close just before 3.15pm after reports of a kitchen fire.

Picture: Rachel Futcher

Picture: Rachel Futcher

A Hampshire Fire and Rescue spokesman said the fire had spread from the ground floor to the first floor.

Pictures from the scene showed flames and smoke rising from the roof of the semi-detached property.

Eyewitness Steve Moran said: ‘I was dropping a friend off and I saw smoke billowing out the top.

‘I went and parked up, because I thought if someone was trapped in the house I would try and do something.

Picture: Rachel Futcher

Picture: Rachel Futcher

‘You don’t know what to believe [about the cause of the fire]. It’s like Chinese Whispers at the minute, but what I can say is that the fire brigade got here very quick.’

Another witness, Rachel Futcher, said: ‘You don’t actually appreciate how brilliant a job the emergency services do until you actually see them in action.

‘They do an amazing job. They’ve moved everybody away because they thought the place was going to blow but all the firemen are still in there putting their lives at risk.’

The spokesman said crews were using breathing apparatus and hose reels to put out the fire.

Video and additional reporting by Rachel Edge