WATCH: M275 shunt motorist was on phone says lorry driver

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INSURANCE bosses have been handed video stills which a lorry driver says show that a man involved in a crash on the M275 was using a mobile phone.

The lorry driver uploaded the footage to his Clackstars Dash Cam channel on YouTube.

A screenshot from the video uploaded to YouTube

A screenshot from the video uploaded to YouTube

He was driving south in his seven-ton truck on the M275 when the incident happened on July 28.

The film shows the collision and then the man in the car, who was wearing flip flops and shorts, getting out and pointing angrily.

'I was in traffic snarled up on the approach to Rudmore when I realised a car had pulled alongside me' said the driver, who asked not to be named.

'He wasn't acknowledging me and I ignored him but the next thing I heard a crash and realised that he had pulled across.

'He got out pointing his finger and shouting "you knew I was there!"

'He tried to argue the toss but in the end we exchanged insurance details. My Mercedes Atego has a broken indicator and his car was scuffed along the bumper.

'It was only after I posted the footage to my YouTube channel that people started commenting that you could see the man was holding a mobile phone when the accident happened.

'I looked again and could see that he was. I have added screen shots of that to the video and have sent them to my employer's insurance company.

'I have a dashcam because as a lorry driver you do get quite a lot of grief.

'I think it's important to post videos like this so that people can see what is happening.

'And on the use of mobile phones, I think people are still breaking the law despite higher fines because police do not enforce it.'