WATCH: Mum’s anger as hairstyle is punished by school

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A MOTHER says she is furious that her son has been excluded from lessons because of his haircut.

Sam Prior, 45, has blasted ‘ridiculous’ school policy after her 15-year-old son was sent to the ‘inclusion’ room for his short sides haircut, which is longer on top.

Aaron Prior, 15, and his mum Sam Picture: Sarah Standing (170834-4170)

Aaron Prior, 15, and his mum Sam Picture: Sarah Standing (170834-4170)

But Portchester Community School’s headteacher Richard Carlyle was adamant that the hairstyle broke the school’s rules and that he could not make any exceptions to the policy.

Aaron Prior, a Year 10 pupil at the White Hart Lane school, was removed from classes on Monday for the offending style.

Mrs Prior, from Locks Heath, said: ‘I had a phone call from Aaron’s head of year to say he had been put in inclusion because of his hair.

‘I then made the decision to go and pick him up, I wasn’t having him put in inclusion for having his hair cut that way. I was told it was “too high-contrasting”.

Aaron Prior and the offending haircut ''Picture: Sarah Standing (170834-4176)

Aaron Prior and the offending haircut ''Picture: Sarah Standing (170834-4176)

‘I was extremely angry – I didn’t understand why it wasn’t acceptable.

‘Going back about six weeks ago he had it cut really short on one side, which the school said they didn’t like.

‘So we accepted their comment and got his fringe cut shorter to appease the situation.

‘The headmaster is now accusing us of having the hair cut exactly the same way.’

According to the school’s online uniform guide, ‘extremes of hair colour and style’ are prohibited and pupils’ hair ‘must not be shorter than a grade two’.

Mrs Prior continued: ‘I’ve been told Aaron will continue to be put in inclusion if his hair isn’t sorted.

‘I have no intention to change it. That means admitting they’re right and they’re not, so I won’t be getting his hair cut.

‘Aaron wears proper shoes and the full school uniform -- he always looks like an extremely smart young man.

‘I believe this haircut looks perfectly acceptable.’

Headteacher Mr Carlyle did not want to talk about Aaron’s individual case, but said: ‘Our policies clearly specify hair colours and styles which are acceptable.

‘In the instance of a problem, a parent would be contacted immediately to see why they failed to follow this guidance.

‘They could then take the choice to rectify the situation or risk [their child] being drawn away from learning.

‘In the case of a serial offender this may lead to a temporary exclusion.

‘Most parents are very co-operative in resolving the issue. But it is the noisy minority who feel they can dictate certain things.’

Mr Carlyle says the school’s policies on uniform and hair do undergo assessment.

‘The policies are reviewed annually by the governing body and are therefore ratified,’ he added.

‘They have not seen it within themselves to change those rules in my four years here.

‘If you want to come to this school, these are the policies.’

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