WATCH: Portsmouth boy swims with dolphins in dream trip to Florida

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Thrilled Joseph Mahmud swam with dolphins on a dream holiday in America.

The 10-year-old Portsmouth boy was given the chance to fly to Orlando with 191 other children with the charity Dreamflight.

Joseph swims with a dolphin

Joseph swims with a dolphin


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Joseph said: ‘After the first day it exceeded my expectations - I couldn't believe I had another nine days to go of Dreamflight.

'It's tough to find a favourite bit exactly, it's a different culture in Orlando to back home, but the dolphins were probably one of the best bits.

'I've been having two years of treatment and injections, and I've probably got another year-and-a-half to go, but to be around everybody has been great. In one word, it's been sensational.'

The children spend 10 days in Orlando, visiting popular tourist attractions such as DisneyLand, SeaWorld and what has been named as the favourite for most, Discovery Cove. Children are arranged into 12 groups of 16 children, each accompanied by eight Dreamflight Volunteers.

Dreamflight aims to provide a holiday of a lifetime for children with disabilities and sometimes life threatening illnesses. This year's trip to Florida is the 31st it has organised.

A charity spokesman said: 'The selected children are nominated by medical professionals who are responsible for a child’s care from around the UK.

'To ensure the safety of the children, they are accompanied by a doctor, a physiotherapist and three nurses, along with non-medical helpers.'