WATCH: Teens break into Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower to film stunts

FOUR teenagers broke into Spinnaker Tower and filmed themselves climbing to the top and doing tricks on the outside platforms. 

The footage was shared on Youtube under the account Flip Twins.

Still from a Youtube video - Flip Twins

Still from a Youtube video - Flip Twins

A spokesperson for Spinnaker Tower said: ‘On the night of June 15 four individuals forced entry into Emirates Spinnaker Tower and gained access to high-level restricted areas of the building.

‘Security alarms were triggered.

‘The intruders had, however, fled before staff arrived on site.

‘Footage of the break in has now been shared on YouTube which shows dangerous and reckless activity on our premises.

‘Following the incident, CCTV footage from the evening was given to the police and adjustments have since been made to the Tower’s security.’