WATCH: These people were caught taking a selfie on a dangerous railway track

Railway bosses have warned people to be careful around train tracks and not use mobile phones around the transport network.

New figures from Network Rail have revealed up to a quarter of rail users in some areas of Hampshire and Dorset have reported being involved in a near miss when using their phone.

In the past five years there have been 169 incidents on level crossings in Network Rail’s Wessex route, which covers Surrey, Hampshire and Dorset.

The company has released pictures of some of those using mobile phones on level crossing.

It includes a woman appearing to take a selfie on a level crossing in Salisbury, although it is not known if a train is heading towards her.

The other pictures show a man taking a picture of the track, and people walking across the crossings without looking away from their phones.

Network Rail head of health and safety Priti Patel said: ‘Many people are aware of the risks of mobile phone distraction on the road, but dangers also exist on the rail network.

‘It is very worrying that so many people admit to putting themselves at unnecessary risk by using their phone when on the railway, particular at level crossings.’