WATCH: Trailer for new Joan Collins film featuring parts of Portsmouth

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A TRAILER has been released for a new film starring Joan Collins which features parts of Portsmouth.

The Time of Their Lives is an upcoming British comedy directed and written by Roger Goldby.

The film stars Joan Collins and Pauline Collins.

Joan stars as a former Hollywood star who rides to her ex-husband’s funeral on the west coast of France with a best friend, played by Pauline Collins.

Shots of Portsmouth International Port, the Queens Hotel and seafront feature in the newly-released trailer.

A panorama view of the city also appears around one minute and 10 seconds in.

Eighty-three-year-old Golden Globe winner Joan was spotted shooting scenes in Southsea and at the Queens Hotel, in Clarence Parade, last summer for the film, scheduled for release this year.

A body double for her co-star was filmed leaping into the sea after a dummy for a child-rescue scene that will form part of the film.

The film also features parts of Bournemouth.