Water conservation message comes to the movies in Havant

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A witty film set in the 1950s is teaching youngsters the value of water.

Young politicians from Havant Borough Youth Council made the video to teach people about the importance of water conservation.

The film is called Water: Know Your Limits and features characters such as Gran Perrier.

Local schools are showing the film to pupils to spread the conservation message.

Charlie Thorn, a member of the youth council, visited Westbourne Primary School to give a presentation to 10 and 11-year-olds.

Charlie, who is 12-years-old and attends Havant Academy, said: 'I hope that other schools invite us to talk to their students because water is an important topic for everyone to consider.

'Every day the average person in the south east uses 156 litres of water, but that could be cut by doing really simple things like turning off the taps when brushing your teeth and collecting rainwater for your garden.

'The children all seemed really interested in the video and found it funny and informative.

'It's great that the youth council has been able to produce this film and that we're now sharing it with other young people in the area.'

The film was produced with the help of Compulsive Productions, a community film-making group based in Leigh Park.

Stephanie House, chair of Havant Borough Youth Council, said: 'As a group we came up with the idea of setting it in the 1950s, designed the story boards and wrote the scripts.

'We all had loads of fun making the film as we were all dressed in 1950's style clothes!'

The project is one a number of water conservation projects in the Havant area.

Next year Havant is set to host the county's Water Festival for the third year running.

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