Water supplies boosted by heavy rain

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HEAVY rainfall during April has led to a rise in groundwater levels that are vital for supplies in the Portsmouth area.

Portsmouth Water reported that groundwater levels at Idsworth, near Rowlands Castle, increased to 19.44m on May 9 – a rise of 1.1m from the previous week.

Officials said the rise was ‘uncharacteristic’ for the time of year, and was due to heavy rainfall in April.

But groundwater levels remain below average.

It should be at around 22.5m at this time of year.

Portsmouth Water officials said people still need to use water wisely.

A statement said: ‘While high rainfall in April has reduced demand it has had limited effect on restoring groundwater levels and we continue to ask customers to think about the way in which they use water.

‘With the heavy April rain and forecast rain in May we now believe it is unlikely we will need further restrictions, we do however continue to encourage our customers to use water wisely to preserve our precious water resources.’