Water surges through pipes in bathrooms

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Thick snow in Fratton. Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (103918-6)

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PEOPLE were left with flooded bathrooms after water surged through toilet cisterns and drains as rain battered Rowlands Castle.

Shocked residents looked on helplessly as their homes and front gardens were submerged during yesterday’s downpour.

In Castle Road some people had to put sandbags in their bathrooms to help stop the flood water from spreading.

Others built barricades across their doorways and some residents were spotted trying to sweep flood water from their driveways into the drains – and away from their homes – as rain continued to lash down yesterday afternoon.

Margaret Truefitt lives in one of the worst affected properties in Castle Road.

The 64-year-old was left unable to use the bathroom at her bungalow after it flooded during weather.

She said: ‘We have never known it to be this bad.

‘My bathroom is completely flooded.

‘People have been out and checked all of the drains.

‘There’s no blockage, it’s just the volume of water that came up into the bathroom.

‘I can’t use it.

‘Fire engines came down to the end of the road and were pumping water out. I can’t believe it.’

Neighbour Jean Madgwick, 74, said: ‘It rained all night.

‘We woke up in the morning and the garden was half-flooded.

‘As the day went on it kept on coming up until it was nearly up to the door.

‘I have never seen it so bad here – and we have lived here for 21 years.

‘The water came round the side of the house.’