Waterlooville dad’s tragic death after rock concert

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A MAN was run over by a lorry following a night at a Rod Stewart concert.

Patrick Foxcroft, 55, of Coronation Road, Waterlooville, died after being run over by a lorry on the A339 near Newbury, Berkshire.

An inquest heard Mr Foxcroft had attended the concert at Newbury Racecourse.

He apparently fell in the road on May 30 and was lying on the southbound carriageway in the early hours of the morning before being run over by a Volvo lorry.

Driver Randolph Vaughan said he was on his way back from a delivery to Sainsbury’s when he saw what appeared to be a blanket or some debris lying in the road.

But as he approached, he realised it was a person.

He swerved to avoid it, but felt the lorry’s wheels pass over the body.

Blood tests showed that Mr Foxcroft had a large amount of alcohol in his blood.

Forensic collision investigator Simon Bishop told the inquest in Newbury that the markings on the lorry were consistent with a collision with a body that was already lying down.

He said there was no evidence of speeding.

Assistant deputy coroner for Berkshire Anna Burnside recorded an open verdict because she said there was no definitive evidence to indicate why Mr Foxcroft was lying in the road.

Following the inquest, Mr Foxcroft’s wife, Helen Foxcroft, said: ‘He was a lovely person.

‘The last time he called me he told me that he could not live without me.

‘He loved his family and he loved his children.’