Waterlooville swimming pool evacuated after water contaminated

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A swimming pool in Waterlooville was evacuated after sand poured into the water.

Twenty swimmers using the main pool at Waterlooville Leisure Centre were asked to leave the water after an inch of sand poured out of its filter system at 9am.

Staff were called in to vacuum up the sand, which helps to keep the water that is pumped into the pool clean. The incident was caused by a build up of pressure in the filter.

The clean up took half an hour and swimmers were welcomed back to the pool at 10am.

Centre manager Marie Wilkinson said: ‘Everything was under control. We evacuated the pool because we couldn’t have done a clean up with people in it.

‘The sand does not pose as a risk to the public. It is used in the filter to help keep the water which is pumped into the water clean. There was a build up of pressure because the pumps in the filter work in a confined space.’